When Was Recover At Home Started?

In 2017, we decided to address the drug and alcohol epidemic head on.
  • 1 in 7 Americans are expected to develop a substance disorder in their lifetime
  • Currently, only 10% receive Treatment
  • Substance Abuse costs the USA $600 Billion per year
  • According to several conservative estimates, every $1 invested in treatment yields a savings of $4-$7 in reducing drug related crime, criminal justice costs, and theft. When healthcare is included, 12:1

Principles of Effective Treatment:
  • Based on scientific research since the mid-1970s.
  • People need to have quick access to treatment.
  • Effective treatment addressers all the patient’s needs, not just his or her drug use.
  • Staying in treatment long enough is critical.
  • Medications are often an important part of treatment, especially when combined with behavioral therapies.

Who are the therapists that work for Recover At Home and what are their credentials?

At RecoverAtHome.org, we work with the best Addiction Counselors from across the county. Each counselor is licensed in their state as a mental health professional and they all specialize in addiction counseling. Start with your no-obligation consultation to see if Recover At Home treatment is right for you.

How does Recover At Home incorporate Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT) in their treatment protocol?

Addiction is a complex but treatable disease that affects brain function and behavior. Many people suffering from an addiction are in such an acute state of their addiction that it would be virtually impossible to focus and succeed with behavioral therapy alone. In those cases, we suggest consulting with a doctor to discuss incorporating MAT to support recovery. MAT medicines are FDA approved. Some prevent withdrawal while reducing cravings and others block opioid receptors in the brain that respond to certain drugs including alcohol. Recover At Home will help get you connected to a MAT physician of your choosing in your area, that can evaluate your condition and consider if prescribing a MAT product is right for you.

What if I don’t like or connect with my therapist?

Recover At Home has many counselors available, and as desired you can select from all available counselors in your state.

What if I miss a scheduled session?

It is critical for your recovery to honor your commitments and make the appointments that you have scheduled. Appointments may be rescheduled 24 hours in advance without penalty. However, if you do not show up, it will be counted as if you did. Remember, that your counselor’s time is valuable, and they could have been helping others, so please make sure you do everything possible to make each appointment.

Why do patients get connected to a residential treatment program?

The health and wellbeing of each person we treat is above all. Some people are so deep into their drug use that it would be impossible to treat them remotely. If they are currently using, they may not have the focus to concentrate and actively participate with their therapist remotely. Depending on your response to our evaluation questions, we will refer you to the appropriate model based on our expertise evaluating treatment needs. That could very well be Recover At Home, but it could also be Detox, in-patient treatment or even the emergency room.

Could I benefit from Recover At Home after a short stay in Detox?

Absolutely. When our Peer Resource Specialist helps you find a doctor of your choosing, that doctor may determine that you need Detox, followed by Medically Assisted Treatment. Recover At Home can start immediately after.

Can I finance the Recover At Home program?

Yes, we can connect you with financing options. Go to Financing to see what might be right for you. Keep in mind, these are outside lenders and have no affiliation with Recover At Home. From time to time we also offer a scholarship program for those that may not have any other way to get help Click here to apply

What happens if I sign up and discontinue?

A critical component to success is staying in treatment long enough. Recover At Home is much less expensive than many other options. But you need to be ready to commit to the entire program. With ten (10) days’ notice, the program can be frozen for as much as 12 months at a time. After that time, unused sessions will be forfeited. There are no refunds, thus you should be positive about your commitment and see the program all the way to a successful conclusion.

Will my health insurance pay for the Recover At Home program?

At this time, telemedicine is not reimbursed by most insurance carriers. We are hoping that will change in the future.

I have health insurance. It seems a shame that I can’t use it.

Residential treatment program typically accepts better health insurance. You may want to check with our network of residential treatment centers in our consortium, to see if they can accept your health insurance.